Head to Dirak for the most advanced and durable control panel latches in India. Incorporated in 1997, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of latches, hinges, and a wide range of fittings to suit the needs of our customers. Each of our products is developed with great care and meets the specifications of commercial and industrial applications.

Over the years, we have built our portfolio steadily and acquired expertise in the field of developing innovative locking mechanisms to suit various scenarios. Whether it’s automotive, aerospace, agriculture, railway, or any other industrial sector, we have an extensive line of products that are designed to meet your specific requirements.


control panel latches in India

We have built a team of skilled and experienced engineers, technicians, and other staff who work in close cohesion with one another to deliver products that not only meet the strictest quality regulation but are also designed to meet the need of specific applications. What truly sets us apart from the competition is the customer-centric approach that allows us to forge partnerships that will last years to come. For the most in-demand control panel latches in India, head to Dirak today.

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