Welcome to Dirak, the leading door metal hinges suppliers in India, offering its customers a wide variety of products to suit their needs. We are specialists in the production of fastening technology such as hinges, latches, handles, swing handles, and gaskets, among others. With a dedicated effort to excellence and precision engineering, we have established ourselves in the business since 1997.

We understand the importance of having a good locking mechanism for a wide range of applications spanning across industries. Whether it’s automotive, aerospace, agriculture, or any other industrial sector, we have an extensive line of products that are designed to meet your specific requirements. Our team of engineers and technicians develop innovative means to design and develop our products while ensuring they offer superior performance, longevity, and durability. We go to great lengths to ensure our offerings adhere to stringent quality regulations.



Door metal hinges supplier in India

As a leading door metal hinges suppliers in India, we also work closely with our partners and customers to understand their needs and tailor our production efforts to meet theirs. We value our partnership with customers and aim to establish long-term relationships built on trust, reliability, and mutual growth.

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